Egg donation:

One way towards your own child

There are many reasons why couples/women cannot achieve a successful pregnancy with the woman’s owns oocytes. In addition to medical reasons (e.g. cancer treatment, genetic diseases, early menopause etc.), today we are increasingly confronted with social causes. In other words, more and more women and men delay starting a family until later in life. Motherhood is therefore often postponed until age 35 or thereafter. However, from the age of 40, it gets more and more difficult to conceive a child naturally.

In all of these situations, IVF treatment with donor eggs may be an option for the couples concerned. The chances of getting pregnant and giving birth to a healthy child are very good when modern treatment methods are being applied by an experienced team.

All details on the requirements, the legal frameworks as well as the procedure and possible risks will be discussed with the couple during the medical consultation with a doctor.

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MUDr. Libor Hradecký Ph.D.

Medical Director
IVF Zentren Prof. Zech – Pilsen

Dear intended parents,

While complying with high medical and ethical standards, we assist our patients on their way towards realizing their dream of having a child. Our focus here is always on the patients’ individual situation in connection with the opportunities available to us and our professional competence. We attach great importance to the availability of a wide variety of scientifically well-founded diagnostic and therapeutic procedures being applied by our highly qualified team of specialists who are backed by our many years of experience. Our focus is always on patient well-being and the health of all persons involved.